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"History against the grain." *

We invite you on a tour of the city which follows the history of the persecution and extermination of the Jews in Dresden from 1933-1945. The audioscript leads you to twelve places which stand as examples for anti-Semitic persecution in Dresden during the national socialist period. Each audio contribution addresses historical and philosophical aspects of the crimes. In principle, you can choose the order of the places freely. The audio script doesn't follow any overall chronological or story. The numbering is a suggestion made by us and is meant to serve as an initial orientation. Thus, you can begin with Track 2 in the inner courtyard of the New Synagogue, and continue to the other locations.

You can download the mp3-audio files for the audioscript to your personal player from this website. You can also download the map from this site. The individual tracks are divided into individual mp3 files, allowing you to choose between the individual tracks during your city tour. The corresponding numbering on the map corresponds to the respective track on the player.

Each track is between 10 and 20 minutes long and demands concentration from the listener. The complete listening time is thus approximately 3 hours. Please allow sufficient time to give the audio script the necessary attention, and remember to allow yourself breaks. Moving about the city also takes time and shouldn't be underestimated. Some locations are on busy roads, so please take precautions and bear in mind that wearing headphones means that other outside sounds may not be easily noticed.

* Walter Benjamin

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